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Do you see these signs in your spouse?

  • Says they are experiencing a mid-life crisis
  • Excessive use of the internet
  • Smells of perfume/alcohol
  • Says “It’s only your imagination” or “ I need space”
  • No longer interested in sex
  • No longer wearing wedding ring
  • Suddenly interested in working out/ new clothes/ new hair styles
  • Hiding cellular phone bill/ credit card bill/ bank statement
  • Leaving early for work
  • Receiving hang up phone calls
  • Unexplained purchases
  • Working a lot of overtime


Computer Forensics & Monitoring / Cell Phone Forensics / Attorney Services / Nationwide Process Service / Background Checks / Asset Searches / Criminal Investigations / Criminal Background /Divorce / Child Custody / Alimony Reduction / DMV Records / Driving History / DNA/Drug Analysis / Expert Video Surveillance / Photography /GPS Tracking / Hidden Video / Bug Detection / Skip Tracing / Hard-to-find-people / Missing Persons / Witness Statements & Interviewing / Work’s Comp / Personal Injury / Insurance Fraud

Lincensed / Bonded / Insured



Process Service
Computer Forensics & Monitoring
Cell Phone Forensics
Asset Checks
Background Investigation
Children's Rights/ Abuse
Criminal Background Investigation
Criminal Defense (General) Civil Rights
Domestic: Adultery / Child Custody
omestic: Alimony Reduction / Elimination
Electronic Video Surveillance
Investigation Background Check
Malpractice- Medical/ Legal
Missing Persons
Vehicle & Motorcycle Accidents
Personal Injury
Photographic/ Forensic
Probate and Missing Heirs
Product Liability
Skip Traces
Trial Preparation
Video / Photography
White Collar Crime
Worker's Compensation
Wrongful Death


Post Office Box Search
Employment Search
Cellular / Landline Telephone Searches
Non-Published Numbers Locator
SSN Search
Utility Search
Toll Free Number Search
Financial Institution Search
Business Search
Corporation / UCC Filings
Motor Vehicle Search
Property Deeds / Assessments
FAA Aircraft / Watercraft Search
Driver License
Professional License
FAA Pilots
Hunting / Fishing License
Concealed Weapons Permit
Voter Registration
Federal Firearms / Explosives
DEA Controlled Substances
Bankruptcy./ Liens / Judgments Search
Criminal Search
Civil Court Search
Marriage / Divorce Search
Secretary of State Search

Jack Geren, PI is a reputable and professional private investigative agency located in Beaufort County, South Carolina. We have a few of the best and most determined private investigators in the industry. Whether or not you need a private investigator for a background check or you need an investigator for an adultery case, Jack Geren, PI can help.

Jack Geren, PI is a full service licensed private investigative agency that handles all types of investigative tasks. If you need something that is not listed above, we can still help.

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